The 80/20 of Productivity

How to stop doing work about work and start finishing your projects.

  1. Capture what’s on your mind.
  2. Tell it when to show up.

1. Capture it

Capturing is all about offloading information to external storage (i.e. other than your brain).

2. Tell it when to show up

Now, it’s not enough to simply capture a piece of valuable information.

So what’s the problem then?

Nowadays, both parts of our organizational system are available. You can capture (almost) any type of data with note-taking apps and you can tell it when to show up with task managers and other tools.

  1. Note-taking apps suck at time-based organization.
  2. Task managers suck at capturing information.
  • While you can capture things to remember with Google Keep, OneNote and Evernote, these tools are inefficient when managing time-based information. True, you can add a time attribute using reminders. However, notes typically remain in the same list/folder when you add a reminder instead of removing these items from your current agenda.
  • You can play around with due dates as you please in TickTick and Todoist but you’re mostly limited to capturing text-based information. In addition, manipulating captured data is very limited. You often can’t format text in comments, let alone more advanced manipulation like annotating images.

Has anyone done it?

Why do big companies ignore the synergy between capturing rich information and giving it time-based attributes?


Yes, one of the most popular email clients in the world can capture and store pretty much any information. Plus, it can augment it with time-based attributes using the Snooze functionality.

Connecting apps using Zapier/IFTTT

I’ve also used Zapier and IFTTT plus any native integrations that are available.

All-in-one workspaces

So where do all these tools go wrong — note-taking apps, task managers, and email clients alike?


So you don’t need elaborate methodologies with multiple levels, tags, and rules to stay on top of your workload…

  1. Capture it.
  2. Tell it when to show up.



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